"A healthy body has a healthy spirit!"

Author: Anna Klimashevskaya
Even children (not without our help, of course) need to keep up and keep up, to keep up with the times.
On the one hand, everything is clear, we explain it to ourselves and them, growing up, in short - "the time is like that!"...

And what is this, our time?!...
Where and why are we in such a hurry, and why do we want to catch up and overtake without thinking of the consequences?....
Modern man (look, people used the exact wording three hundred years ago...) has to do everything quickly. All innovations seem to have one underlying goal - "now, everything, right away and fast!"

Somewhere deep inside, we understand that everything, our ALL, will be over very soon, and it is probably not worth rushing somewhere, but despite this, the thirst for speed eclipses the voice of reason completely!....

I found it quite tricky when I first joined the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. Despite my previous clinical experience, my colleagues and I had to answer questions that had never been asked of us medical doctors armed with the knowledge and skills of modern medicine. So, for example, the theme of one of my first theoretical lectures sounded like this:

"Death on the spiritual and physical level."

I must have seen the bewildered faces of many of us, for whom such a theme seemed at first to be farfetched and not worthy of attention. Doctors asked the question at that time. No one within the walls of medical high schools ever raised the question in such a manner, but here they put it, as they say, as a matter of urgency. Let us assume that She also exists on this level, but are there practical ways to reanimate a person when they have "luckily" come to naught spiritually?
We were always taught to cure diseases without distinguishing who has this or that disease. And if an individual is physically healthy and his head seems to be all right, then there is nothing to treat this citizen from - he is "healthy" we made our final diagnosis. But what if he is spiteful to the last possible extent, greedy and selfish?

"It's not for us. Medicine is powerless here, as they say..."

Homeopathic science looks at such a subject differently and considers him to need treatment. If such a sufferer is not assisted, it cannot be guaranteed that his physical and/or mental health will not suffer, and often disproportionately so than if he had initially been a person of decent and tolerant character. "You sow your character. You reap your fate."...
Modern medicine creates more and more new drugs that should act immediately and quickly, and as for the side effects, we are not used to thinking about them because they helped! And then we invent and apply another drug and so on from these complications.

There is another "fashionable" nowadays attitude -
"it helped others so that it will help me too,"
and we run to the pharmacy again...
As a result, it often turns out that "we cure one and cripple the other."

Homeopathy is based on the observational principle, developed by doctors of the old school, that every symptom must be taken into account! The organism (we are not talking about its physical component only!) produces a symptom to stay balanced and maintain homeostasis.

Any external impact (virus, mechanical trauma, emotional stress, etc.) leads to the formation of a response adequate to the force of the irritant. Virus penetration results in increased body temperature, injury results in bruising, anxiety results in palpitations, etc. To suppress symptoms means to disturb the natural balance.
We have no time to think about the consequences of quick, sometimes lightning-fast, getting rid of diseases (or, more precisely, of the painful symptoms that are bothering us at the moment). We need results! And fast!

BUT, no one wants to pay, and although most of us see their disease as an extraordinary (how else!) - Treatment, we take "like everyone else," laughing at the joke "here's a pill, one half for diarrhea, the other half for a headache." but in reality, we humbly take this very pill, hoping for quick results...
If we act on all these bothersome symptoms with the method of suppression, as, in fact, in most cases, modern medicine does, the body will be forced to create more and more new symptoms to balance and stay safe.
A homeopath regards any symptom as a signal, as a clue, not as something that needs to be dealt with and removed.

The talk about the "placebo effect" (a term used not only for homeopathic remedies but also for any medicine, meaning an outwardly positive therapeutic effect that is related to the authority of the doctor, to the authority of the medicine, and the degree of suggestibility of the patient) has been going on for a long time.

It does not stand up to criticism. As soon as we speak, for example, of small children or animals who have taken homeopathy and been relieved of their suffering without realizing that they have been exposed to it, the discussion on the effect of suggestion disappears by itself.

We know, for example, that positive emotion can temporarily postpone and even, in some cases, eliminate headaches or toothaches (here we say "love heals").
Fortunately, it works sometimes, but in the case of homeopathic treatment, we are dealing with a natural cure through the very principle of "like with like."

This has been tested and confirmed by years of practice. Of course, it is impossible to achieve a cure in 100% of cases, but it is possible to help many and many people.
The growing number of depressive conditions, autoimmune diseases, and oncological diseases is directly related to the "successes" of modern medicine. Although, of course, one cannot deny the undoubted success of the latter, in many cases, the use of suppressive agents is not justified.

We all have heard about the adverse effects of antibiotics, antidepressants, and hormones but accept all this as a justified, necessary evil. Indeed, in several cases, all these drugs are vital. Still, the routine prescription of such aggressive drugs significantly reduces the level of health of patients, i.e., you and me.
Homeopathy is based on the principle "Similia similibus curentur," which means "like by like." The founder of this science, Samuel Hahnemann, formulated it in his "Organon of Medicine" (the year 1833): "To cure faithfully, safely, quickly, and reliably, select in each particular case only such a remedy as can cause a condition similar to the suffering (homoion pathos) to be cured."

The homeopathic remedy, after its application, only slightly intensifies those very painful manifestations that bother the patient, eventually helping the body overcome and get rid of them.

Homeopathy does not work quickly, especially in chronic conditions. Still, it stimulates the immune system smoothly and harmoniously, allowing the body to eliminate diseases as a whole and not their manifestations.

The rapid effect is possible only in acute cases, but even then, the effect is mild, not suppressing the disease but eliminating it.
Of course, each case has nuances, but in the end,
" we, homeopaths, try to treat the disease and the person suffering from it, i.e., not the disease but the patient."
Each patient will be given a medicine to help them, while another patient with the same clinical diagnosis will likely be treated with entirely different medicine. This is a hypothesis for a homeopath!

In addition, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my teacher, Professor George Vitoulkas, an outstanding homeopath, the founder of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (Greece), a man who devoted his whole life to serving people, and also to Dmitry Chabanov, a fantastic doctor and teacher, the director of Novosibirsk Scientific and Practical Center of Traditional Medicine and Homeopathy. The meeting with them completely changed my life, made me look differently at myself and the world around me, and gave me strength and inspiration to study a fantastic science, the essence of which is expressed by the basic principle of medicine:
"Noli nocere," which means "do no harm"!

I wish everyone a long and happy life. Spiritually and physically! :)

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