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With Prof. Vithoulkas
My name is Anna Klimashevskaya.
I was born and grew up in Irkutsk city, where I graduated from high school and medical institute (pediatric department). After graduation, I worked as a consultant physician, combining practical and scientific activities (the latter resulted in defense of my doctoral dissertation in pathophysiology).
Working with patients, I've been wondering whether I treat according to the principle enunciated by Hippocrates, "one shouldn't treat a disease, but a patient," or I treat diseases (maxillitis, otitis, colitis, etc.) using all the skills and knowledge received at school of classical medicine, applying habitual, established through years, sometimes immutable treatment schemes, in which the patient himself, specifics and peculiarities of his condition recede into the background? It took me years to find the answer. I eventually found it "thanks" partly to my stubbornness and the birth of my second child :) For myself, I have decided that my son will be treated by other means - no more antibiotics, antipyretics, etc.!
It was then that I met an excellent homeopathic doctor, Kondratieva Marina Mikhailovna. Her experience (more than 25 years by then!), knowledge, patience, and kindness convinced me that this kind of medicine, which cures not the disease but the patient, will be adopted by me from now on!
Any problems my son had, whether it was purulent angina or acute otitis media, laryngotracheitis, or dermatitis, I treated everything only with the homeopathic method.

Then, having gained confidence and a little practical experience, I decided it was time to continue my studies and enrolled in the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, founded by the world-famous homeopath, Professor George Vithoulkas (Greece). My studies at the Siberian branch of the academy (Novosibirsk), under the supervision of an excellent teacher, a doctor with a capital letter, Candidate of Medical Sciences, D.A. Chabanov, have given me much more than I expected - confidence that all this long way, 25 years that I have gone from the beginning of my studies in medical school to graduation from the Academy of Homeopathy - all this was not in vain. As a homeopathic doctor, I have been working since 2013. I try to constantly improve, attend seminars and lectures, participate in clinical discussions, conferences, etc. Each case is unique; it cannot be adjusted to any standards and frameworks, and this kind of medicine brings relief from suffering and ultimately gives health!
"Working with my patients, I always wondered if I was treating them according to the principle proclaimed by Hippocrates, "It is not the disease that should be treated, but the patient"
  • Medical University 1994
  • Thesis defense Medical Sciences 2001
  • Study at the George Vithoulkas Academy (Greece)
  • Seminar and courses at the J. Vithoulkas Academy of Homeopathy (Greece, Alonissos Island) 2015/ 2017/ 2018
  • Accreditation of an alternative doctor in Berlin 2020
Анна Климашевская врач-гомеопат курс повышения квалификации Алониссос
International Academy of Classical Homeopathy курс повышения квалификации Алониссос
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