• A consultation with a homeopathic physician is fundamentally different from the usual doctor's examination.
  • The medication is prescribed after a thorough medical history, considering your physical, mental, and emotional condition.
  • Be patient and prepare to have an open conversation for 1.5-2.5 hours.

Your treatment is our joint work in which your body will be able to restore health and defeat the disease.
Initial consultation
180 €
  • Collecting anamnesis, taking into account the physical and psycho-emotional condition of the patient
  • Prescribing a medication for treatment requires an additional processing time of up to 24 hours.
  • Monitoring and managing the patient during the first month: short telephone calls (5-10 minutes). For more extended telephone conversations, see "Acute case."
110 €
  • Follow-up
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Treatment adjustments or a new prescription
  • Follow-up as well as after the initial consultation.

An acute case
от 200 €
  • Taking a medical history, as in an initial consultation
  • prescribing
  • Management of the patient during the acute condition (frequent calls and treatment adjustments)
  • the time spent with the patient may vary from case to case, and the number of telephone consultations is calculated based on (80 € per hour)
A visit to the patient
от 250 €
  • Home visits (additional transportation costs depending on urgency and time of day)
  • taking the medical history and making appointments as in the initial consultation
  • management of the patient in the course of the acute condition as in an acute case
Reimbursement in whole or in part is possible through private health insurance. There are many additional private insurances for patients with compulsory health insurance, which mainly cover the benefits of the alternative practitioner. The expected costs for private or supplementary insurance should, in any case, be clarified with the insurance company before starting treatment. You can contact me personally or by telephone anytime if you have any questions.

In case of cancellation of the appointment, do so at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the initial consultation will charge a cancellation fee of 35 € or 80 €
From anywhere in the world
with the effectiveness of a face-to-face appointment
no rush, no queues
In acute emergencies
I can do an exam and make an appointment at your home.
A meeting in my office
in the center of Berlin (map)
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